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Bruis Braces


BRIUS is a revolutionary and sophisticated orthodontic method that places braces behind the teeth, also known as lingual braces, which make them virtually unnoticeable. 

How does BRIUS work?

The BRIUS appliance is made of two components: a set of flexible arms that attach to the back of each tooth and the rigid bar they connect to.


AI algorithm is used to determine the movement each tooth will need to go through in order to reach its correct position (The same way Google Maps calculates the fastest route for you to get home!).


Then, the flexible arms are designed in such a way as to move each tooth along the shortest path that will lead to its final positioning.

brius braces

A unique, modern approach

Unlike other braces, where the teeth are connected together with wires, with BRIUS, each tooth is moved independently.


This means that the teeth don’t need to be moved in stages, and all of the teeth can be positioned simultaneously, leading to shorter treatment times. BRIUS also doesn’t require any periodic adjustments, meaning fewer trips to our office.

Brius Benefits

Only one appliance

You will only need a single BRIUS appliance for your treatment.​

Fewer visits with us

BRIUS requires no adjustments after the appliance has been placed—in many cases, only one office visit is needed over the course of treatment, unlike traditional braces.

Faster orthodontic treatment time

Because each tooth can be repositioned independently of the other, treatment with BRIUS is typically 50% faster than with conventional metal braces.

Less discomfort

BRIUS applies only light force to the teeth, resulting in a more gentle treatment.

Virtually invisible

BRIUS attaches from behind the teeth, meaning no part of it is visible from the front. Most people will never know you’re wearing braces.

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