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Hello! I am Dr. Chia-Hung (Tony) Lin, the founder of Fellow Orthodontist.

Growing up, my family could not afford braces for me, and I spent my high school years feeling self-conscious about my smile. This insecurity in turn made me shy and fearful of public speaking.


When I was in dental school, I finally saved up enough money to pay for my orthodontic treatment. It was expensive because I wanted to be treated by a trustworthy orthodontic specialist. 

Tony Lin on a Boulder
Tony Lin and his daughter


I attended the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and earned my specialist degree in orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics at the St Barnabas Hospital in New York. I am a board-certified orthodontist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.


I chose to specialize in orthodontics, because orthodontics is truly a profession of arts and science. I fell in love with orthodontics for two reasons: my affinity for photography art and my natural joy in making people look and feel their best. 


Many people hold back their smiles because they feel self-conscious about how they look to others. As a board-certified orthodontist, I help people achieve confident and healthy smiles, so they look more youthful and feel their best.

I believe we can all make a difference in this world in our unique ways. I hope to utilize my expertise and specialist training to help many people be the best version of themselves with a confident and healthy  smile.


My mission is to be the best orthodontist in Manhattan without being the most expensive specialist. I promise that you will receive the highest quality of orthodontic treatment at an affordable and accessible cost. 

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The orthodontist office, reimagined.

Experience orthodontics tailored to your modern pace and your busy lifestyle.

board certifiation
The Board Certification Process

Only 1 out of 3 orthodontists are board-certified. Dr. Lin is a board-certified orthodontist with a decade of clinical experience treating patients of all ages.


For an orthodontist to become board certified in his field, he or she is required to complete peer-developed, externally validated written and clinical examinations. This achievement is reached by pursuing additional voluntary education and ongoing assessment.

Board certification is the highest commitment to excellence.

Fellow Orthodontist Board Certification Process
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