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Achieve Your Stunning Smile Conveniently

You deserve to feel confident anytime, anywhere.

We set out to be different.

Many people shy away from orthodontic treatments because treatments can be inconvenient when monthly office visits are required.

Fellow Orthodontist is reimagining orthodontic care by combining virtual technology with real specialists. You can finally achieve a stunning smile conveniently without sacrificing the quality of care. 

Don’t let a poor smile hold you back.

Smiles are powerful. A new one can change your life. Learn the Straight Truth.

What you will expect with Fellow Orthodontist  


A calm, modern studio.

With a love affair for both state-of-the-art dental technology and Scandinavian interior design, we built a unique environment designed with you in mind. Your orthodontic visit will be as calming and comfortable as your morning cafe trip. 

How it works.

Easy. Convenient. Stunning Smiles Created. 


Studio visit

Visit our modern studio for a digital scan of your teeth and bite and an expert orthodontic treatment plan by a board-certified orthodontist. 



Remote monitoring combined with in-person care visits every 12-16 weeks ensures treatment safety. 


Unleash the power of your stunning new smile

Confidence. Self-esteem. Beautiful smile. It all belongs to you. 

Why people trust
Fellow Orthodontist.

Real people. Authentic stories. We can’t make this up.

Feyisola portrait_edited.jpg

Thank you Dr. Lin for being an amazing orthodontist and changing my smile for the better :). Dr. Lin's attentive and easygoing nature makes me look forward to all my visits!

–Fey S.

More Reviews


I went in for a consult for braces, something I have been avoiding for some time now. I had no idea of all the different options there are for adults. Dr. Lin left no questions unanswered and gave me all the information I needed to decide what option is best for my needs. I'm excited to start my Invisalign treatment!


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Mail-Order Aligner PDF

Considering mail-order aligners?

There are many online companies touting the ability to create a beautiful smile without having to go to a dental office. Is this too good to be true? 

In this guide, Dr. Lin discusses the Top 7 Secrets Mail-Order Aligner Companies Don't Want You to Know. Sometimes what appears as cheap can become an expensive recovery journey. 

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